With our foreign language education, young people who understand the world and are sensitive to intercultural differences are growing!


Doğa College High School English Department shapes effective English education within the framework of social competence by implementing a versatile education program aimed at teaching critical thinking and global thinking skills. With the certified foreign language education system at international standards, Doğa students grow not only who know how to communicate, but also individuals who have the characteristics of being a world citizen with the vision they have acquired. The CEFR: European Language Framework constitutes the academic curriculum of the Doğa College English education system. The reason why the relevant framework forms the basis of the curriculum is that it creates a common language standard worldwide. In this way, the academic achievements of our students studying English at Doğa College are accredited with international language scales. We consider the different learning abilities and backgrounds of each individual, in this sense, we provide education in different language level groups according to everyone's skills and knowledge.


In our curriculum, studies are carried out for academic exams. In this context, our students can make preparations for both future academic planning and academic achievements as well as improving their social and academic communication skills in a foreign language. On the other hand, they gain experience in international exams and have the knowledge and certification they will need in their domestic or international university life and professional life.


Doga College, which attends the Cambridge exams with the highest number of students every year, maintains its leadership in the education sector in the preparatory phase of Cambridge English exams and its achievements in the exam, documents the quality of English education at international standards. Our students, who attend Cambridge English exams, gain experience in international exams and have the knowledge and certification they may need in their domestic and international university life and professional life. Cambridge University ESOL Exams provide the world's leading certifications for English learners. While giving foreign language education, our priority is to create environments that enable our students to get to know different cultures, to promote their own culture and to create awareness of universal values within this framework.
In the program, which is based on the philosophy of living learning, d'MUN and d’TEENS TALK, students develop critical thinking and social skills while having the opportunity to express themselves in English.


With the d'TEENS Talk project for a youth who is not insensitive to the problems of the world they live in, our aim is to enable our students to improve their English language skills while questioning, analyzing relationships, experiences and events and defending their ideas in the best way. We aim for our students to be constructive, inquisitive and creative in their approach to the problems and questions they will encounter in every stage of their lives. We organize “d'teens talk” trainings in order to spread this universal culture of debate at Doğa College, to enable students to make intellectual discussions in different fields, and to share them in social networks, we bring our students together in the tournaments we will organize throughout the year.


Doğa College students discuss world issues in the role of United Nations delegates!
Model United Nations Conference d'MUN has been organized by Doğa Koleji English department for 7 years. These conferences, in which Doğa College students discuss world issues in the role of UN delegates, contribute to both learning diplomacy and preparing for their future careers. Doga in Turkey over the students attending d'MUN Conference. In the role of UN delegates, these conferences, in which they discuss world issues by speaking English during the conference, are approved by Pearson with the document "Pearson Assured". Contemporary issues such as the Middle East issue, immigration and racism are discussed and solutions are prepared at the d'MUN Conferences, which are held annually in different provinces and on different topics, and are chaired by international presidents of the MUN conferences, and experienced vice chairmen of the Doğa College Anatolian High Schools. . Doğa Koleji, which is confident, empathetic, has a vision and responsibility, can produce solutions to problems, think practically, and aims to raise individuals with high confidence, continues to raise world citizens with d'MUN conferences.


German education at Doğa College is based not only on speaking the language, but also on knowing the culture that German represents and expressing itself well in this language. Doğa College German curriculum; It covers the daily life and culture of the target language as well as the interests of our students. The aim of the curriculum is to introduce the student to German, to make him love the lesson and language, and to motivate him by entertaining the subject. As in every branch and level, our students who learn by doing, living, experiencing, discovering, researching, producing, animating and using technology using the technology are aimed to acquire the basic vocabulary and communicate in German in general.
In line with the common European framework program, Doğa students graduate at A1 + level. We motivate our students who have reached A1 level to take the International Language Certificate exam of TELC and Goethe Institute, which has international validity and opens the door of all official institutions abroad that require A1 language level.
We Learn by Experience! In order to enable our students to meet their peers in Germany and to give them the opportunity to practice what they have learned, we welcome guests from abroad at our school, as well as to participate in German language schools during the winter and summer holidays, to give them the opportunity to get to know Germany, translate what they have learned into practice and improve their language. we motivate them. In addition, thanks to e-Twinning and Erasmus + projects, our students have the chance to visit their project partners in Germany at least twice a year.