In Doğa College, besides many sports branches, equestrian training is also provided.

Riding Training

Sports with horse are equestrian sports. In order to do equestrian sport well, it is necessary to get along well with the horse. Since every horse is not suitable for sports, making the horse suitable for sports is a difficult process. Those who want to deal with equestrian sports should be dominant and agile. Equestrian sports, which are also nature sports, are carried out within the framework of certain rules. History of equestrian sport goes back to old times and today people are interested in equestrian sport. Anyone who wants to do horse riding should first sympathize and love horses. A person who cannot establish a dialogue with horses or is afraid of a horse fails in equestrian sport since it does not have a good rider feature. There are some rules that those who want to be successful in equestrian sport must follow. The horse should be taken from the left and the reins should be handled. The head, shoulders, hips and heel should be aligned and should be seated as if standing. Not only hands and reins are used to steer the horse, the body should actively try to steer.


The person's desire is very important to deal with equestrian sport. In horseback riding sports, it is not possible to communicate with the horse and not be successful. Time should be spent with the horse to be used in equestrian sport and a close friendship should be established. Men do not only do equestrian sports, but women can do whatever they want.


Even the seating of people interested in equestrian sports changes and enters into an order. The self-confidence of the person who is engaged in riding sports is developing and he also learns to trust people. The rider, who learns to respect ancestors and other animals, is concerned with the care of horses and his sense of responsibility develops. Exercising freely on a horse is good for everyone. Anyone who is interested in horse riding as an amateur learns new information about horse and horse riding every day. All the muscles work actively while riding and the endurance increases. Riding a horse, which is a natural therapy, eliminates all the stress. The rider, who gained the love of the horse, is more social and extroverted.