Our Story

We Grow By Increasing Our Quality

Doğa Schools continues to shape the education sector of TRNC with its 2 campuses in our country. While Doğa College contributes to world-class education, development and development, with the philosophy of “new generation education”, it raises the individuals that the world of the future will need today.
Doğa Koleji, which directs the education sector in TRNC with its innovative education models that we have developed in addition to our educational quality, academic, sports and social achievements, adds value to its students, employees and the society with its high quality service quality. is a training brand it has received ... The most basic feature that distinguishes Doğa College from other educational institutions; is to bring modern, visionary models to life by destroying classical patterns in education. Acting with this awareness, we will continue to raise generations that are connected to their country and values, open to universal values, questioning, equipped, researcher and integrated with the world.


It has an international vision, which has an international vision, who has learned by absorbing beyond memorization, uses information instead of replenishing itself with knowledge, is successful not only in tests, but also in studies related to every branch such as intercultural culture, art, sports, science, has a high accumulation, freely think and can express what they think. It is our corporate mission to raise individuals who are committed to values, open to universal values, have a foreign language level that can carry out scientific studies, and become bright leaders of the future.


Since the day we were founded, we closely follow the developments in the globalizing world and create our international vision to educate students at international standards. In line with this vision and provides training to world standards, developing education models that Turkey is not only the world's item, performing international projects, administrators, educators and students we support our overseas expansions.

“We are engaged in productions that direct technology with our Educational Technologies unit. We use educational technologies in front of world standards in all our campuses, and provide a unique education with rich programs and contents we have created. ”

World Leader in Educational Technologies

We create unique training spaces using technology

We combine education with technology in our Venus Class and Engineering Laboratories, which are made in cooperation with 3D class, Xbox, Vestel, and enable our students to receive education and improve themselves in an environment where they will benefit optimally from today's conditions. In the 3D class; Many courses, including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, are taught in 3D with image and sound technology. In the XBOX class; Mathematics lessons are made fun, they are learned with fun, and the permanence of the information is provided. In Venus classes; Our students develop new technology tools and produce new tools, and they can use programming languages ​​and coding tools effectively. In our engineering laboratories; Our students adopt engineering disciplines and designs are made by producing new projects related to technological tools. We offer our students the opportunity to implement their technological solutions.

What is CodeMath ™ ️?

CodeMath ™ ️ is an interdisciplinary education model developed by Doğa College teachers. Thanks to interdisciplinary education, individuals who are able to evaluate the problems they face with different aspects are trained. There are two reasons why interdisciplinary education has gained importance in recent years. The first is to raise individuals who can evaluate the problems they face in many ways and apply what they have learned in real life. The second is the need for an education model that can meet the personal interests and needs of students against traditional education. The aim of the project is to bring students 21st century skills and critical and creative mental habits that they can use in daily life by bringing together mathematics and coding. In this project, students acquire the common achievements of the two lessons in a single lesson and learn with fun. The main coding gains of the project are to provide students with analytical and algorithmic thinking skills and problem solving skills. These achievements, targeted by students, are undoubtedly one of the 21st century skills. With these achievements, students can approach the problems they face differently and reach the solution in the shortest way.