“Girne Doğa Schools Campus has been designed with the utmost care so that our students can receive education and training in accordance with the requirements of the age.”

Kyrenia Doğa College

Girne Doğa College provides pre-school, primary, secondary and high school education. Providing education in a foreign language in all age groups, Girne Doğa College makes a difference with its expert trainers and experienced managers. The institution, which provides training for foreign university entrance exams, organizes many activities for the social, cultural and artistic development of students. Attracting attention with its academic and technological infrastructure, the campus trains creative, innovative, innovative and productive individuals. In addition to its academic success, Girne Doğa College aims to raise generations with high levels of culture, integrated with the society and can easily adapt to different cultures by closely paying attention to the social lives of students.

Address of Quality Education

While Kyrenia Doğa College contributes to world-class education, development and development, it raises the individuals that the world of the future will need with its “new generation education” philosophy. It adds value to its students, families and society with its quality service and innovative approach.
It makes a difference with its vision of modern education, the teaching models it uses and the value it places on students. With its physical infrastructure, education system and its mission that can adapt to new trends, Girne Doğa College is an exemplary educational institution in its region.

Meet Our Team

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