Tomorrow of Cyprus grows in Doğa College.


The generations of the future begin to grow from primary school. With the awareness of this fact, Doğa College supports education and training activities with many different contents so that it can raise its students as a "learning profile of the future" and each of them is a "world person". In Doğa Koleji, an education system focused on developing the academic skills and analytical thinking abilities of the student is implemented since the first year of primary school.
The “Nature Concept Education Model”, which is a unique and unique education model that has been applied since the first year of primary school, is the basis of Doğa Koleji's success in education. Inspired by the idea that nature is the best teacher, Doğa Koleji features its balance, diversity, development, change, and production features in its education system. Today, our students learn by experiencing with the Nature Concept Education Model, which has become an EU Project. Thus, he grows up as individuals who can think creatively, produce solutions, take initiative and have high self-confidence with different perspectives they develop.


From the first grade of primary school, our students learn to produce original thoughts with 'Creative Thinking' lessons and express their thoughts freely. Looking at the point where the world will go, it becomes important for students to think creatively, to handle different processes and find different solutions. In our Creative Thinking classes, we move from the fact that thinking is not a skill, but a developable mental process, and we aim to lay the foundation on thinking from primary school. Thanks to this course, we raise individuals who are curious, questioning, introducing new products and presenting these products with confidence.


Starting from the first year of primary school, our students develop their inquiry, research and experience skills with the "Experiment Set" specific to Doğa College and meet scientific work at an early age. Thanks to this application, Doğa College, which eliminates the classical “laboratory” approach, gives children the awareness that science is in every area of life. Every child carries his experiment set with him and realizes that experiment and science are a part of life.


Our teachers are educating our students with the "Nature Concept Education Model" approved by the European Union starting from the first year of primary school. The trainers of Doğa College, which has taken initiative and signed many projects in order to raise individuals with high self-confidence, are also made up of specialist staff who have received special training in this concept. The main goal of Doğa College from primary school level in education is to raise a "Happy Nature Generation" with the "Nature Concept Education Model". With the Nature Concept Education Model, which has been funded by the European Union and turned into an “EU Project”, we offer an education approach that is based on learning, not learning by elementary school, and also enhances the student's cognitive and social abilities.

Communication Oriented English Education

MEB approved international standards English education program prepared by Doğa Koleji; Based on the communicative competence, the simultaneous development and follow-up of 5 abilities, it offers our students a language acquisition experience based on a qualified, privileged, innovative, current and parent-teacher-student collaboration.
The foreign language education program, which is implemented from the age of 3, is suitable for international curriculum and aims to help our students learn by living in daily activities. With active foreign language education, which is carried out with the help of our Turkish and foreign English teachers, it enables our students to acquire the skills necessary to comprehend the thought system of another language other than their mother tongue. Assessment and evaluation tools at Doğa College address 5 language skills of students; it is not limited to literacy skills. In addition, with its weekly study program, it provides uninterrupted English education opportunities that support our students' use of English in the home environment. Our students who attend Cambridge English YLE exams as of 2nd grade of primary school receive a Cambridge English YLE Certificate that celebrates its success, increases self-confidence and has international validity.


Starting from the first year of primary school, our students grow up as individuals who are aware of their strengths and strengths with guidance and psychological counseling support. In the 'Solution Oriented Guidance' approach, we handle the goals and solutions that our student has set together with the student, guide him in the process and encourage the student. Students who learn by experiencing with the guidance of the instructors of Doğa College become more sensitive and conscious. In this way, they grow up as individuals who produce solutions to the problems they encounter, implement the solutions they produce, and take on the risks that may arise.


From the first grade of primary school, our students gain different perspectives with the 'Nature of Thinking' lessons. With this course, we enable our students to form their basic thinking systems, to approach different thoughts with tolerance, to make thinking a life skill, to think critically, analytically, and questionably. The development of independent thinking skills is the basis for the child to establish his own thinking system at an older age. Individuals who can think of the multi-dimensional future, use their existing potential and produce successful products are supported with these activities.