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Doga International Schools (Girne)Doğu Akdeniz Doğa Koleji (Famagusta)

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Human Resources Practices
As Turkey's leading and innovative institution, dynamic, reliable, student / parent carries sensitivity, self-confident, open to development, Nature concept for candidates with a focus on quality and social awareness We open for a successful career in the door.
Human resources have a strategic role in the management of Doğa College. Our target is Turkey's most qualified and working towards becoming a special education institution with a progressive nature College of Human Resources; To continue our steady growth with our talented and highly motivated human resources and to match our corporate goals with the individual goals of our employees.
* In creating and placing the common perception of education / training and business culture in schools,
* In the creation of qualified human resources that can adopt the vision and mission of Doğa College and also represent “Nature”,
* It is a key element in the process of strengthening corporate loyalty and increasing efficiency by ensuring that employees' willingness and determination to achieve is at the highest level.

We care that our candidates who will work at Doğa College have our values ​​stated below.
By reflecting its positive energy to its environment, it positively affects the working environment with its enthusiasm and enthusiasm and gets quick results towards its goals.

With his work ethic and discipline, he always acts honestly, openly and consistently, gaining the trust of others and setting an example.

Carrying Student and Parent Responsiveness
Understands the current and future expectations of students and their parents, and aims at constant stakeholder happiness by acting steadily.

Self Confident
She boldly demonstrates her belief in her personal and corporate experience, knowledge, skills and abilities and is confident in achieving business-related results.

Owners of Team Spirit and Solidarity
It takes responsibility to achieve common goals, works in unity with the sense of belonging, supports the people around it and appreciates the achievements.

Open to Continuous Development and Quality Oriented
It follows innovations, develops suggestions that will make a difference and supports development by taking part in new applications.

Has Social Sensibility
Demonstrate supporting behaviors for him and his institution to contribute to society and education sector.