“Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College Campus has been designed with the utmost care for students to receive education and training in accordance with the requirements of the age.”

Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College

The Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College Campus, which started its educational activities in 2011-2012, brought education together with technology and became the most modern school of Cyprus.

Equestrian fields, zoo, theme park from, all the way to the field of agriculture ecology garden, nature intertwined with the opportunity to learn the Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College Campus allows students to learn by doing and experiencing .Turkey and the world differ unparalleled and a personalized education model in privilege "Doğa concept Training Model "on the basis of; Offering all kinds of physical infrastructure and technology to its students, contributing to the social, sportive, cultural and psychological correct development of its students, the Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College Campus carried the success of Doğa to Cyprus. Cyprus Campus, which provides education in kindergarten, primary school and college groups, aims to raise individuals who can think intelligently and creatively, using modern education techniques, which will have a broad scientific horizon, participant, self-confident cultural and technological accumulation.

Doğa Wind in Cyprus…

The Eastern Mediterranean Doğa College Campus, which has become the most advanced academic education complex of Cyprus in a short time, the physical, social, cultural and sports facilities offered in all Doğa Schools, education based on multiple intelligence, science projects winning championships in the international arena, education combining nature and modern technology. opportunities, international language education at international standards, social responsibility campaigns that increase sensitivity, Nobel Prize-winning scientist training program, t-MBA education applied in high schools and educating future leaders, versatile preschool education given with modern and modern techniques, education curriculum that opens the doors of a successful life brings the "Golden Age" to education in Cyprus with its art, sports and educational achievements.

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