Robotics and Coding

Tomorrow of Cyprus grows in Doğa College.


The students of Doğa College meet the coding language that is planned to shape the future starting from kindergarten. Our students, who lay the foundations of coding robotics, 3D design and programming in technology classes, develop their digital literacy levels while they discover new ideas and learn to use today's technologies more effectively.

Generations Producing with Technology

Our Maker classes are workshops where imagination, design and production skills are developed. With our students who are able to communicate in a digital environment, criticize, produce and consume information, receive training from digital media and comply with ethical rules while performing these behaviors, we are coding and developing robotic foundations, and developing their skills and creativity.
Our students in these workshops; Can formulate the problems to provide the solution. Can organize and analyze data logically. It is ready for the technological daily life of the future. He can design the data through abstractions such as models or simulations. They can combine possible solutions and resources in an efficient way. It rules the digital world rules and can use them ethically. Improves their ability to achieve together.

Lego Education-Electronics

It is a robot design, robot programming, development and activity program that encourages students to dream, design, manufacture and use the robot system. Thanks to design and programming, children are encouraged to develop faster, more analytical and practical solutions to problems. In this activity, we create robots with our students and code them.

3D Design

3D modeling enables the virtual environment to be able to visualize and change objects that exist or not exist in 3D. In 3D Design lessons, we help our students to transform their dreams into designs through the utilities, then print them out from 3D printers and make their dreams physical.


We lay the foundations of these skills with early coding training to raise new individuals who are questioning, criticizing and equipped with 21st century skills. Coding is not only limited to computer sciences, it is also of great importance in terms of interdisciplinary interaction. Children acquire algorithmic thinking skills at an early age, and if they encounter problems in different areas, it becomes easier for them to solve problems with creative thinking. In the coding activity, we are unplugged at the beginning, and then we are playing coding games with computers and we improve our algorithmic thinking skills.